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JMA presents, an online training platform for hardware, locksmith and other professionals from more than 100 countries where they sell their products. The goal of this major project is to be closer to professionals in the sector by providing highly engaging content adapted to their needs and at the same time, encourages them to interact and participate. provides a large quantity of audiovisual content that has all the information you need to learn about the brand's products and get the most out of them, including key copying machines, remote controls, transponder technology and JMA software and applications.

Live Online Training with Webinars
The platform has two kinds of videos: Tutorials and product presentation videos that give the most complete information possible, ranging from the basics to highly advanced topics.

That content is complemented by one of the most appealing features of, which are the live online training webinars (web seminars) with JMA professionals.

The webinars cover technical and functional aspects of JMA products and can also be used to present new product launches by the brand.

In order to be able to participate live and ask questions during the webinars, and access other high added value content on the platform, professionals need to sign up on the website.

Personalising User Experience
Registering gives you additional advantages like being able to personalise your home page by marking the products you're most interested as favourites. You'll also get automatic updates on your home page when new content is added about the products you're interested in.

The website, which is available in 6 languages, pays close attention to user contributions and makes it easy to let JMA know at any time what content and webinars users would like to have included or ask for additional information.


JMA's online key catalogue, an online tool for hardware, locksmith and other professionals.

Garage Remotes

An online resource for copying garage door remotes,


Key Machines

Various downloads for our popular models of key cutting machines:

Model Brochure Manual Exploded View
Cyclone -   -
Cyclone Plus -   -
Hurricane -   -
Storm     -
Tempest -   -
Tempest EVO -   -
Zephyr -   -

Model Brochure Manual Exploded View



EVO Xpert


Multicode Single

Multicode Dupla


TRS 5000 EVO


Model Brochure Manual Exploded View
Cougar   - -
MK4     -

Technical Team

For all other 'Technical' enquiries please feel free to contact our dedicated Technical Team (

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